Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Warning Science Content

Interesting Fact:
Humans are 99.9% identical -- only .1% of our genetic makeup differs. The DNA sequences from two individuals of the same species are highly similar, differing by only about one nucleotide in 1,000 or about 3 million base pairs. This .1% difference in genetic makeup is responsible for us having different eye colors, hair colors, shapes and sizes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just in case

Just in case you missed this game, or haven't seen the highlights, this is worth watching. If you've seen it, then you know it is worth watching again.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another case why time equals money

In last 40 years, the average working hour of US employees has steadily declined. In 1965, people spent average of 51 hours per week on the job (including commuting time, lunch breaks, etc.); today, that number is down to 40 hours. People spend their increased (11 hours per week) leisure time on shopping, housework, watching TV, reading the newspaper, going to parties, relaxing, playing golf, surfing the Web, visiting friends, and having sex.
However, according to the same study (link above), in last 40 years, 10% of the us - the high-skilled, high-paid workforce, have not seen leisure time increased at all, we still do 51 hours per week as of today. At the opposite, the bottom 10% of us - the low-skilled, low-paid workforce, have gained a staggering weekly 14 leisure hours a week. So in another word, we compensate our low pay with more leisure time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

George Burns

Most of you are wondering why I would be posting about George Burns. Well, let me tell you about Tuesday night.

Last week my wonderful wife won tickets to see a one man play “Say Goodnight Gracie” starting Alan Delvalero. The show went through the entire life of George Burns. In “Say Goodnight Gracie,” we discover George in limbo between this world and the next, unable to join his beloved wife and partner Gracie Allen until he gives the command performance of his lifetime for God.

Needless to say the show was great, and I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun on a date. Thanks Heather!!!!!!!!

Also, “Say Goodnight Gracie” is produced with the full approval and cooperation of the George Burns and Gracie Allen Estate

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fat men less likely to commit suicide

A new study found that among men, risk of death from suicide is strongly inversely related to BMI (Body Mass Index), not to height or to physical activity. In fact, obese men are 42% less likely to commit suicide than thin men are.
This finding appears consistent with our commmen sense - (1) fat men have more insulin, which means more serotonin, which means less depression. So fewer fat men are depressed enough to commit suicide. (2) severe depression makes you thinner before it makes you kill yourself.

House for Sale

Our house is now up for sale. If you know anyone looking for a nice house in Mesquite let me know.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Your Birthdate: May 9

You are a born idealist, with more pet causes than you can count.
You prefer be around others, both when working and while relaxing.
Generous and giving, you believe you can change the world one person at a time.
You're open minded and tolerant. People feel like they can tell you anything.

Your strength: Your go-with-the-flow flexibility

Your weakness: Your flair for the over dramatic

Your power color: Pine green

Your power symbol: Circle

Your power month: September

Sunday, March 11, 2007

State Tournament

I am sure some of you are wondering how anyone can sit for three days and watch 18 high school basketball games. What most of you don’t realize is that there is much more than basketball going on these three days. So, to help you better understand I have put together a list of some of my favorite characters and moments of this past weekend.

Top Five Characters:

  1. Doctor Jack – Dr. Jack is a referee that was not at the tournament this year, but he is a legend. Not only can and will Dr. Jack take over every game he refs, Dr. Jack puts on a show like no other.
  1. Old Man Dirty Hat – Old Man Dirty Hat is the old man that sat in front of us this year. Like his name implies he is both old and wears a dirty hat. I am pretty sure his hat is at least 20 years old and he only pulls out the fedora for the state tournament.
  1. Slappy – Slappy is a fan from South Oak Cliff that fast became legend this weekend. A few things that made Slappy a legend, one is his voice. Imagine, if you will someone that has lost their voice box and has to use an electronic device to speak. Now, imagine that person yelling at the top of their lungs, and you have Slappy. Second, was Slappy’s hatred of one of his own players. Every time this kid went into the game Slappy had a fit. It was awesome.
  1. Chic – Chic has been at the state tournament since the start. He announces the games, and is a true legend. There is nothing like hearing Chic’s voice over the intercom saying “It’s 5A time” in his slow Chic draw of a voice, and no Chic is not his real name; we just call him that.
  1. Super Fan – Super Fan is the most unique person at the tournament. He is from Humber Kingwood and he loves his Mustangs. Super Fan is the most intense person at the tournament. He wears a sleeveless shirt and shorts. He spends the game doing one of two things. One, he is yelling (not cheering) at the team with so much passion you can see the veins on his neck. Two, he is running up and down the stairs and through the sections getting every Kingwood fan fired up. Think of Super Fan like an A&M yell leader on steroids and on crack. Sometimes we watch him more than the game

Top Moments:

· Super Dad staring down the Kingwood players: I looked up and in the section where the Kingwood players and coach’s where seating before their game and saw Super Dad (every school has one and every coach is annoyed by one) standing at the top of the stairs above them just staring at them. If Super Fan would have been there we would have witnessed a clash of titans!!!!!!!

· James talking about Old Man Dirty Hat: James was the first to realize that extent of the dirtiness of the fedora. James then proceeded to make sure we all knew about the dirty hat all while sitting right behind Old Man Dirty Hat. Old Man Dirty Hat is also def.

· Number 50 gets to play: Number 50 is about 5’7’’ and at least 250 lbs. When he came in to the game everyone in the Frank Erwin Center was on their feet. The biggest cheers came when number 50 took a 3 point shot (missed) and his no look pass. One of only two times the crowd rose to their feet during the tournament.

Just a few of the moments and memories of this year’s state tournament I can’t wait until next year.

You Are Strawberry Cake

Fresh, sassy, and romantic.
You're a total flirt, who never would turn down a sugary treat.
Occasionally you're a bit moody - but you usually stay sweet!

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ENFP)

Your personality type is enthusiastic, giving, cautious, and loyal.

Only about 8% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What a Weekend

This was one busy weekend. Friday night Heather, Fizell, and I drove down to Waco to watch the Mesquite High School basketball team play. Most of the kids of the team came through Agnew and I taught and coached (football) most of them as well. Not only did they win Friday night, but they also won Saturday night, which means they are two wins away from a state championship. I will be leaving Wednesday night and will be in Austin to see them play. Now, after the game Friday night we drove back to Mesquite at went to bed around 11:30.

Saturday my parents came into town. My parents arrived around noon and we did some shopping and at lunch. Heather and I were able to find a fichus tree for our room and a mirror to hang over my dresser. After shopping we came home rested a little and then drove down to the West End for dinner. We had dinner, and then made our way to the American Airlines Center to watch the Mavericks play. It was a little scary game. The mavs where in the lead most the game, but around half time Orlando made a run and the game was close the rest of the way. I also forgot to bring my phone so I could not get updates on the Mesquite High game. Luckily Heather was able to call her dad and he was able to look the game up on-line. Again, we made it to bed around 11:30. (Most of the time we are in bed by ten)

Today was a much easier day. Got up, went to Church, ate lunch, and took a nap. Next week will be just a busy.

“Getting on a player is not necessarily appreciated. But caring about somebody doesn’t mean making it easy for them. Caring is helping them to develop their traits and talents.”

Lou Holtz

Thursday, March 01, 2007


It seems like our life at this point is a test in both faith and patience. We are moving forward with our lives relying on faith that our prayers will be answered. In a few weeks we will put our house up for sale, without knowing where we will be living next year. I have no idea where I will be working or what job I will have. It is very hard for me to not have a plan or a focused goal. Just sitting back ignites a large array of feelings the strongest being helplessness. I know that everything will be okay, even if everything wasn’t okay, not knowing is extremely hard for me. I know the same it true for Heather. So, please pray for both of us, pray that God give us the peace in our lives that we long for during this time of waiting.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

T.S. Eliot