Friday, November 18, 2005

Been A While

I know, I know I have not been posting but I have been very busy. Now, football is over but my wonderful wife seems to keep me busy. Actually she has taken me to a very nice dinner a week ago Thursday and this Thursday (yesterday) she took me to a Dallas Mavricks game. $240 tickets = good seats. We had a really good time as we did last weekend. That was Heathers birthday and the family was in town and things were great, but busy. So, you see I have been very busy. I promise I will try and post more often for the three of you that read this little blog of mine. And yes I know there are both spelling and gramatical errors in my blogs. If it really bugs you that much that might be a clue that you need to lighten up. Life is too short to get all fired up because someone does not use the word too or to or two right or miss use commas and write runn on sentences that just go on and on that never end I really hate when people just keep going and going like that little pink bunny you would think some peolpe would get a clue and shut up but some just don't know when to stop I really wonder about people like that I mean hello thick head get at clue some of us have a life and most that do have already stopped reading but for others your still going right with me which is kinda cool and a annoying sort of way just think I could have been your teacher I can hear jenifer pulling her hair out at that thought cause I would have called you jenifer just to watch your face turn red :) red is a good color for you but anyways I am tried so I am going to go to bed if my figers ever stop moving have a great day :)(take a deep breath now)